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Rosemary & Mint: Rosemary steeped olive oil and a heavenly rosemary and mint fragrance oil combine for a wonderful dreamy scent. Dried mint leaves give this bar a fun speckled appearance. 


Unscented: Pure clean soap. Comes in white or green.


Lavender Dreams: Fragrance oils of lavender and vanilla give this soap a warm comforting smell. Comes in either solid purple or a lavender and white .


Cucumber Melon: Cucumber melon fragrance oils and freshly juiced cucumbers give this extra mild bar a rejuvenating fragrance. Bar is white and green.


Oats and Honey: Made with local wild honey, pulverized oats and just a touch of clove oil. This is our best seller, it is very popular with customers who have dry skin and those with eczema.


Calendula and Tea Tree: Extra mild facial bar. Made with  Tea Tree essential oil and Calendula flower petals. This is a great bar for those with acne problems.


~ Men's Line ~

Chad: Lime and Listea Cubea blend for a refreshing clean scent. Swirled with kaolin clay colored blue this is a stunning bar.


Oak Moss: Warm woodsy smell bar is swirled white and teal.


Bobbers & Bullets: This one is for the sportsman in your life. Made with Star Anise essential oil. Anise is a popular and well known fish attractant as well as a scent masker. Camo colors for this one.


Bay Rum: An old favorite that is really making a comeback.





~Vegan Bars: For our customers who want vegan soaps~


Apple Jack: Scented with the warm inviting fragrance of apples and    cinnamon.


Cherry Almond: Cream and pink swirls form this sweet smelling bar.



Green Tea & Clay: This bar is one of our butter bar bases. Made with high amounts of Shea and cocoa butter it is incredibly moisturizing. Kaolin and French green clays form the swirl and gently lift out oil and impurities from your skin. This bar is scented lightly with green tea essential oil.


Bubble Gum: Kids love this one. Smells just like the real thing.


Chamomile & Lavender: Chamomile flower buds added for a slightly exfoliating bar scented with lavender essential oil. Allergy warning: This bar does have walnut oil.



Cookie Dough: Chocolate chunks made with real cocoa powder and a warm scented base make this soap look and smell good enough to eat.



Garden/ Kitchen: Hand soap that really works on the grungies. Made with cornmeal for scrubbiest and scented with sweet orange, lavender, tea tree and wild marjoram. 



Citrus Burst: Yummy blend of orange, grapefruit and lime essential oils in an olive oil soap. This is a creamy dream.











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